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Safi Nidiaye

Safi Nidiaye is one of the best-known German speaking authors on psychology and spirituality. Since 1990 she has written about 30 books, some of which have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Polish. “Shortcut to Happiness” is the first book making her work available in the English language.

Safi’s most popular books include “Love is more than an emotion” (Liebe ist mehr als ein Gefühl, 1990), “The voice of the heart” (Die Stimme des Herzens, 1998), “Open your heart instead of racking your brain” (Herz öffnen statt Kopf zerbrechen, 2005) and “Feelings are there to be felt” (“Gefühle sind zum Fühlen da”, 2017).

At the centre of her work is her signature Keys to the Heart process – a methodology based on Zen meditation. She has developed this body and feeling awareness process since the early 1990s and teaches it in workshops and seminars both for personal use and to enhance the work of countless psychotherapists, medical doctors, healing practitioners, social workers and school teachers.

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„Keys to the Heart“

„Keys to the Heart“ (or „Körperzentrierte Herzensarbeit“ – body-centred heart work in the German original) is a conscious awareness technique. Starting at a problem that is currently of concern to us, we consciously direct our awareness first towards its effect on our physical body, then its related emotion and finally our heart. It is a very simple and direct method to discover behind our outwardly troublesome issue all those supressed emotions that sit behind our various problems, conflicts, bodily symptoms and behavioural patterns and manage to domineer us without us even noticing.

„Keys to the Heart“ is a simple and efficient tool to:

  • get to the bottom of problems and solve them
  • overcome conflicts
  • initiate self-healing
  • make decisions
  • reach goals
  • untangle relationships
  • open our heart to ourselves and others
  • free ourselves from subconscious feelings that were imposed on us by others

The method can be used by people of all ages, starting from about 13 years old. It is effective as a self-help technique as well as a supportive tool for professionals including psychotherapists, naturopaths, doctors, carers and social workers.


“Shortcut to Happiness“

This is Safi’s first book in English. It its a concise introduction to the “Keys to the Heart“ Method and describes its origins, benefits and applications. It also includes a detailed practice part that is illustrated with many real-life examples.


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Workshops and
Professional Training

Safi Nidiaye teaches the “Keys to the Heart“ Method both to lay people and professionals in 5-day intensive seminars and in combination with a 2-3 week holiday package. Seminars are held in Burgundy, France. For people interested in specialising in this work and wishing to offer it professionally / commercially via one-on-one sessions, group work or seminars, a comprehensive training program is also available.

The above mentioned seminars form the basis of this training are also offered in English!

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